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Whilst at DesignBridge, I had the opportunity to work on the beginnings of a carbon calculator project for a new client.
The scope of the game was to calculate a person’s land, water and CO2 consumption, and give suggestions as to how to
lower it. I conducted research into the current political, societal and economical precedent regarding the climate,
predominantly in the press, and built case-studies alongside the strategy team, into habit-tracking apps. Below is my first
design of a journey-based app, which guides the user through CO2 reduction, with small achievements and plenty of
positive reinforcements.

Design Bridge: Giki + Cadbury's: About
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Design Bridge: Giki + Cadbury's: Image


I worked on several projects during my time at DesignBridge, a key one being the Cadbury’s advent calendar. The aim was to add an extra element of activation to each door of the calendar, through a QR code, that would bring up a daily quiz in which you had the opportunity to compete against friends, I helped develop the final reveal of the winner using sketch, keeping in mind the need for immediate clarity but also an extra celebratory and festive tone for those who had made it to the end.

Design Bridge: Giki + Cadbury's: About
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