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In the first semester of my final year, I chose to look at breast milk donation, as a topic I didn't know much about and that is generally unheard of. Many women experience problems with breast-feeding, and feel compelled to resort to formula, which can result in feelings of inadequacy and guilt. NHS milk banks across the UK accept breast milk donations for premature babies, which makes sense. However, there could be a better established system in which more mothers can have access to milk. I was inspired, through my research, by a non-NHS milk bank called Hearts, and their goal to make breast milk as common as blood donation.

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As this was a Service Design brief, I decided to look at how to improve the mechanics behind the already existing milk bank service, and through interviews, realised that the system was often a little unorganised, with donors needing to fill out paperwork, label all milk bags and call volunteers themselves.

After hearing this, I decided the best way forward was to condense all the information into an app for the donor. I created customer journeys, personas, stakeholder maps, blueprints, and storyboards to effectively map out the service. It would include a journal to store milk logs, a scanning features to scan the bar code on each milk bag, so that no labels are used, and a place to book collection.

I contacted the Hearts milk bank with my work and received amazing feedback, I was honoured and thrilled that they are happy with the work I did, as they are at the core of my idea.

I used the branding from my Milkshare branding project (see portfolio), to build the artwork for the app. Below I have also included a button to download the presentation slides I handed in to present this idea in depth.

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