Whilst at Noesis Design for my 12-month placement, I got to work with the sister company linked to Noesis, Creative Midfield, a sports branding agency. This brought in more sports orientated briefs to work on, as well as corporate briefs.

Creative Midfield were in charge of arranging the brand work onto the appropriate platforms for the 2018 Boat Race between Oxford and Cambridge universities. I was briefed to create the social media artwork for the countdown to the boat race. This involved following the brand guidelines to select the right visual elements, colours, typefaces and photography for each design. They were to be created for Instagram, Instagram stories and Twitter, which required precise adaptations in each case.

I utilised the secondary colour palette as well as the primary to differentiate from day to day, as well as selecting imagery that would balance correctly overall. The final four images would pay homage directly to each team, men and women, from each university.