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For the final semester of my final year, I chose to rebrand the globally recognised pasta brand, De Cecco. Being Italian and having a large Italian family, I recognise that this brand is the most popular, and is religiously used. However I noticed that this brand was not picked up as frequently by younger generations, so was successful through dedicated customers that had always purchased.

Therefore, I made it my goal to adjust the brand artwork and packaging, so that I would open the brand up to a new market; I chose to focus on young professionals that live alone, as this is a growing market that has great potential.

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Knowing that in this day and age, plastic packaging is a great issue for the environment and must be avoided at all costs, I chose to look at alternative methods of packaging that were biodegradable, whilst also looking to potentially reduce food waste by pre-portioning the pasta.

I did this by creating a pack divided into 6 cubes, each with a 100g portion of pasta, that could be torn off when needed. Each pack contained two of 3 pasta types, so that there was variety and choice for those not wanting to commit to one pasta type.

In terms of artwork, I decided to retain as much of the original artwork as possible, so not to alienate the current customers, but attempt to bring about the history of the product through the identity.

I made the flour girl, a key trademark in the original packaging, a key feature in the logo, an retaining a slightly edited blue and yellow colour palette. Furthermore, for authenticity, I included clear references to Abruzzo, Fara S.Martino, where the pasta has been made for over 100 years; this is shown in the logo and illustrated on the back of the packaging, so that each 100g box has a piece of the panorama.

I also achieved my goal in reducing plastic use, with the only plastic featured in the windows of each box.

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