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Invisible fuel injection is a new business that aims to replace carburettors in classic cars, so that they blend in seamlessly with the rest of the engineering and don’t appear too modern. I worked with the business to create a brand that would suit them and would last them a long time. After discussion, we established their USP was the high quality and bespoke installation of this unique carburettor, as well as the benefits of a home-grown and experienced business that would aim to meet any need the customer had. I proceeded to create four routes, with logo, type and an example of the brand on a business card. I ensured to cover the bespoke nature and exclusivity of the business in certain routes, and perhaps their youth and approachability in others.

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In the end, we settled on the combination of the last two routes, as although approachability was important, we wanted to make sure the business was taken seriously and would slot in well with regulars from the classic cars world. The shield style IFI logo unmistakably represents quality and reliability, the curved lines being used as a key illustrative graphic throughout the brand.

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