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In the first semester of my final year, I chose to look at breast milk donation, as a topic I didn't know much about and that is generally unheard of. Many women experience problems with breast-feeding, and feel compelled to resort to formula, which can result in feelings of inadequacy and guilt. NHS milk banks across the UK accept breast milk donations for premature babies, which makes sense. However, there could be a better established system in which more mothers can have access to milk. I was inspired, through my research, by a non-NHS milk bank called Hearts, and their goal to make breast milk as common as blood donation.

I decided to create a brand to bring knowledge to the public and raise awareness. This would also be added to the milk donation app that I created in my service design brief (see portfolio). 

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The logo was created by encapsulating the fundamentals of the topic, but in a lighter, feminine style. The tone of voice was designed so that it was non-clinical and approachable, but also suggested an organised and reliable organisation. It was also important for me to be unashamedly clear about addressing breast milk and including breasts as something that shouldn't be kept secret, but should be presented and talked about openly - addressing the stigma that sometimes surrounds breast feeding.

The campaign was to be displayed in key touch-points for my persona, which would be females going through pregnancy between the ages of 28-32. These included tags on nursing bras, alongside price tags, and in the form of "Out of stock" signs in supermarket milk aisles, to highlight the need for donations.

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