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In August 2019, I joined Lidl GB for a 3 month creative placement, focussed on helping develop the Christmas food and drink magazines, and other advertising and POS collateral. This included gathering photography and prop styles for mood boards, working with prop, food stylists and photographers on shoots, art directing shoots, then implementing the developed styled photography into InDesign layouts with appropriate text, iconography and colour palettes. I also had the opportunity to create some illustrative imagery for the "Ski Week" feature in the Middle of Lidl, which was included in the posters, leaflets and pricing signage.

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Lidl Drinks Mag: Image

I was tasked with helping my line manager and content creator with the food mag, but was given the drinks mag to develop and direct myself. My team and I were inspired to take on a different photography style for the drinks mag, that would be consistently top down on a solid colour background. The colours were chosen according to the type of alcoholic beverage being shot, so to visually separate the various drink variation.

In terms of props, we kept it minimal in order to truly hero the bottles, but made sure to include props themed in tune with the background colour, and accents of gold decor to add the festive touch.

I communicated with different departments and buyers to ensure all the information was correct, and made the document print ready once signed off. I had the opportunity to go to the printing press to see the magazine being printed, and to colour correct the pages as they came off the press, an truly invaluable experience.

4 million were printed to go into newspapers, and 1 million were put in-store, numbers I could barely comprehend! This experience allowed me to develop my photographic and editorial skills, as well as communication with colleagues to ensure accuracy.

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Lidl Drinks Mag: Image
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